Stringing and COVID-19

Now that we are well into Corona Spring and headed for Summer I’m wondering what other stringers are thinking and how they’re preparing for handling racquets coming in for service. Tim Strawn and I had a conversation regarding this subject and his approach is one of the best I’ve heard so far. I feel this [see more]

How do we tackle longstanding issues in our profession?

Tackling long standing issues

How do you respond?

I was recently pointed to an Instagram post where a guy was stringing a Yonex racquet and complaining about the racquet being strung with two pieces of string. Not only was he complaining, but he was commenting that anyone who doesn’t use an ATW pattern was an idiot. So I wonder, what’s your instinctive reaction [see more]

Contest-New Name for Power Pads

I recently had a customer who bought power pad material from IART and he actually thought that this was going to give him additional power in his strokes! This begs the question “Where did the name “power pads” actually originate and is it the best way to describe these little leather pads we use on [see more]