Ivor Savage – Ytex

We take a different approach with our member profile this time and interview a manufacturer representative from Ytex, Ivor Savage. Ytex is an emerging string company in the tennis world that is gaining popularity among all playing levels. If you’ve ever been around Ivor Savage you undoubtedly know that his enthusiasm for tennis is infectious. [see more]

Mike Newbound

  There are just a handful of professional racquet technicians who have had the storied career that Australia’s Mike Newbound has experienced. Mike has been an IART member since 2011 but we’ve known about him for much longer than that. A principled man with solid morals, exceptional skills as a technician and a true sense [see more]

Myong Yong Koo

Our first ever member spotlight is Myong Yong Koo from Seoul, South Korea. Undoubtedly one of the most dedicated professional racquet technicians in the business, Koo’s success story is primarily due to one thing; hard work and LOTS of it. He dedicates countless hours to stringing racquets and running his full service pro shop in [see more]