Business Basics

Running a business-what you need to know

Great customer service matters

A study, conducted by the Strategic Planning Institute in Cambridge, Mass. and the Harvard Business School analyzed 3,000 strategic business units in 450 companies. One finding was that when customer perception of a business’ quality ranked in the top fifth in its industry, the company achieved pretax returns on investment, on average, of about 32% [see more]

New Signum Pro String Additions

We have updated over twenty (20) new Signum Pro strings on the String Characteristic page.

Most tennis racquets strung in one hour by a group

During the 10 year run of the IART symposium we offered more than just training in racquet service. After all, you have a large group of racquet techs and if it’s all work and no play then things are  going to get a bit boring. One of the fun activities we had at the 2015 [see more]

Andy Murray may miss Wimbledon and Olympics as hip issue lingers

Andy Murray admits his career is still hanging by a thread, as he contemplates either returning to the Tour in Miami next month or having another operation to clear up worrying complications around his repaired right hip. Surgery, however minor, could rule him out of Wimbledon and the Olympics, and might even convince him to retire [see more]

Is your Babolat RDC calibrated correctly?

I always try to post relevant content on equipment and equipment maintenance for the IART group. Back in 2013 I posted a step-by-step process for calibrating the Babolat RDC and that link appears below: Please keep in mind it’s not always about calibration as you’ll see in the notes that follow. To calibrate your [see more]

Head Radical Bumper/Grommet system

I don’t know if there are any racquetball stringers out there. I have a big issue with the design of the bumper guard for the Head Radical series racquetball racquet.(#285044)  It’s a poor design, as the guard breaks constantly before the strings break, and I’m getting players frustrated and mad at me. I contacted my [see more]


A DISTINCTIVE NEW FRAME, SHAPED FOR PRECISION, MADE FROM GRAPHENE 360+ WITH UNIQUE SPIRALFIBERS FOR A CLEAN IMPACT FEEL! And all to prove one simple point! Get to know the new HEAD Prestige. WATCH VIDEO YOU REALLY WANT TO TAKE OFF IN 2020? REVOLT PRO 3.0 We let the shoe do the talking. Secure your [see more]