Member input requested

I’m about to embark on a new project for IART. A series of screencasts designed to help members better navigate and use the features provided here. Please understand that this is going to be a first for me as I’ve never produced a screencast before but hopefully I can get it done. What I’d like to know [see more]

Restringing just cross strings

So, I have tennis players every now and then ask me if I can replace just the cross strings since the mains aren’t broken. I always tell them that it would put too much strain on the frame. But if you’d set up the frame like normal, and then cut out the crosses after that, [see more]

Meet Ivor Savage-Owner & CEO of YTEX Strings

This is Ivor Savage, owner and CEO of YTEX Strings with a special message for you. As you may know, YTEX is growing rapidly every day and I want to make sure you know who is behind the products that will help you get to the next level! On this series of emails, my aim is to share [see more]

WTA and PTR Sign Partnership Agreement

The WTA and PTR signed an agreement designating PTR as an Official Partner of the WTA Coach Program. For several years, PTR and WTA have worked together to facilitate formal coaching pathways for tour-level players and their coaches. Established in January 2017, the WTA Coach Program has been designed to professionalize, standardize and recognize the [see more]

Catch up-French Open draws and results


When Should You Restring Your Racquet – IART Position Statement

For decades the racquet sports industry has been trying to answer the question of when a player should restring their racquet. What follows is the IART position statement on this topic establishing guidelines for the frequency of stringing a racquet. We subscribe to the theory that no two players are alike and therefore, there cannot [see more]

Wilson Ultra 100 CV Variable(s)

Tim recently posted a good review of the Wilson Ultra 100 CV and I thought it would be fun, and just maybe informative, to see what an alternative string, tension, and machine would have on the data. This presentation is to visualize what a difference can be made by racquet technicians through understanding what affects the performance of [see more]

Luxilon LXN Smart

Luxilon’s new LXN Smart string is designed to work for hard hitters or those who hit soft. It’s the first string of its kind that is specifically designed by Luxilon to be strung at low tensions and for many of us, that’s good news. Check out the new string HERE See IART review HERE  

Luxilon Smart 130 Added to String Characteristics Data

There is a lot of buzz around this new string from Luxilon and for good reason, I think. I have added the data I was able to collect but I have no idea at what stage this string is relative to going to market. We have not strung a racquet with this string, yet, but [see more]

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the very best that life has to offer in the coming new year!