String Weavers – Yes or No

When it comes to tools for stringing, we’re all familiar with the basics. But there are very few additional tools on the market beyond the familiar; enter the string weaver tool. This tool is used when installing the cross strings and what it does is create a path with less friction to give the string [see more]

Starting clamps – yes or no

There have always been a lot of questions surrounding the use of a starting clamp. Addressing the use of this tool as it applies to the cross string starting process only, the correct technique would be to use a tool such as the Gugel Offset Tube. Since this tool has a variety of uses, the [see more]


Coaches, we need your help!  My strokes are beyond help so what I am talking about is communication between you, the coaches, us, the racquet technicians, and the player! Professional racquet technicians try hard to maximize the equipment the player presents us with.  In some cases, we will have input into which racquet the player uses but [see more]

Pre-stretching String – Yes or No

Pre-stretching string is a hot topic among most stringers. There are arguments for and against and the debates can linger on indefinitely. To that end, IART feels that it’s important to take a position on this topic and you’ll find it below. You can also search this website and find various posts on the topic. [see more]

String Selection – juniors & polyester

No 100% polyester string bed for anyone under sixteen (16) years of age and at a tension setting of no more that forty (40) pounds (18.1Kg). This position is associated with racquet head size and player stature. Most junior players cannot benefit from polyester based strings due to increased speed required to “activate” the string [see more]

Swing Weight – Ideal Starting Points

The IART recommendation for ideal swing weights for men and women are: 1) Swing weight (inertia) for men should be at least 315 based on available diagnostic equipment 2) Swing weight (inertia) for women should be at least 300 based on available diagnostic equipment NOTE: Diagnostic equipment uses units as Kg/cm2. One of the most important [see more]

Starting Knots – Yes or No?

The official IART position on using a starting knot is that it is perfectly fine to start your cross strings using an accepted starting knot such as the standard figure 8. There is NO down side to this practice at all. Starting knots have been around forever and the question of their use is really [see more]

When to re-string your racquet

WHEN TO RESTRING YOUR RACQUET We subscribe to the theory that no two players are alike and therefore, there cannot be one blanket statement that can define when a player should restring their racquet. Each player should go through an individual assessment with a qualified racquet technician to determine frequency of restringing. PREFACE….. Re-stringing a [see more]

1 or 2-Piece Stringing –

The IART position is Two (2) piece stringing is the preferred format for installing string in a tennis racquet. The IART position is that two-piece stringing is the preferred format.  Following is brief explanation of this position. Two (2) piece stringing from the center out distributes stress in the racquet more uniformly.  This is  important [see more]