String Weavers – Yes or No

When it comes to tools for stringing, we’re all familiar with the basics. But there are very few additional tools on the market beyond the familiar; enter the string weaver tool. This tool is used when installing the cross strings and what it does is create a path with less friction to give the string [see more]

Starting clamps – yes or no

There have always been a lot of questions surrounding the use of a starting clamp. Addressing the use of this tool as it applies to the cross string starting process only, the correct technique would be to use a tool such as the Gugel Offset Tube. Since this tool has a variety of uses, the [see more]

Racquet Technicians vs Coaches

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Pre-stretching String – Yes or No

Pre-stretching string is a hot topic among most stringers. There are arguments for and against and the debates can linger on indefinitely. To that end, IART feels that it’s important to take a position on this topic and you’ll find it below. You can also search this website and find various posts on the topic. [see more]