Wilson Unveils New Ultra v3

Wilson introduces Ultra V3

Wilson Clash Tour

If you read the Wilson Clash 100 review there is not much to say about the Wilson Clash Tour in terms of graphics because it is exactly the same! So we can go directly to the differences between the two models. The Tour does have the “word” tour on the racquet but little else in [see more]

Parents & Junior Racquet Transitions

If you’re a parent with an aspiring junior player you have a lot on your plate and this post is particularly important if you’re starting your kids off at a very early age. Making sure your player has the right equipment for every stage of their development is important but often times, those decisions are [see more]

Wilson BLX Six One 95

The Wilson racquets I had for review had to be returned so the review is based on my recollection of the “visual” aspects of each racquet.  However, the data you will see is “hard” and not based on my recollection. Typical of all Wilson racquets the graphics are outstanding and the overall quality of the [see more]

Wilson Spin Effect

Wilson had a great presentation on their Spin Effect racquets at this year’s IART symposium. Here’s a great video on the technology 0

Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

By now I would think everyone has had the pleasure of seeing the new Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 racquet!  What a nice looking stick! I suppose there are many of you that have actually hit with one.  As you can see by the specs this is a significantly performance oriented racquet.   I know [see more]

The New Federer Racquet

Many who have attended the IART symposium over the years have had the opportunity to spend some time with Wilson’s Ron Rocchi. Rocchi and Wilson have provided tremendous support for the symposium since it’s start in 2007 and they continue to play a key role in the development and progression of the event each year. [see more]

Wilson Pro Staff 95S

As with all the new Wilson racquets the “S” stands for SPIN!  As such, if you can handle the “gravitas” of this racquet, you can generate as much spin as you want.  The player style and the open string pattern can generate significant revenue if you are a racquet technician because the string is going [see more]