Yonex VCore Series is Red…and Hot!

The new Yonex VCore Series is Red and Hot!  Yonex has incorporated several of their best ideas into this VCore model series.  Some may be easy to overlook but still yeild some performance enhancements, like the “straight hole” design which may allow more string movement and increased dwell time, like the “trench design” that tucks [see more]

Yonex VCore Pro 97 – 330

Finally, we get to the VCore Pro 97 -330 which you can probably guess is the “playerest” of the new Yonex VCore Pro Series. This is one of those racquets you can just pick up and play!  No need to fuss around with weight, swing weight, and other stuff.  Just play. As noted before every [see more]

Yonex VCore Pro 97 – 310

Yonex continues their tiered performance racquet concept with the VCore Pro Series.  In this case, there is the VCore Pro 97 – 330, the VCore Pro 97 – 310, and the VCore Pro 100 – 300.  For racquets that look the same they each feel substantially different in a right way, I think! This review is [see more]

Yonex VCore Pro 100 – 300

Yonex updates their performance series with the introduction of the VCore Pro Series.  This series consists, right now anyway, of three (3) racquets;   Pro 97 – 330, Pro 97 -310, and the Pro 100 -300.  These are the thin beam, slim geometry style which has been the hallmark of the Duel G Series. All of [see more]

Yonex Cracks

How many of you have seen this particular problem with Yonex frames? Small hairline cracks at the tip and throat precisely where the inside billiards of the machine rest up against the racquet? (see photo right) Some Yonex frames seem to be particularly vulnerable to this problem but there are ways to prevent this from [see more]

A New Yonex RQ-220!

I was going through my stash of racquets that I have collected over many years and found a new Yonex RQ-220 racquet!  I have a lot of old racquets but this one stands out for it’s “retro” specifications.  I think this racquet is from the 90’s and even has the word “widebody” on the frame.  [see more]