Wilson BAIARDO Stringing Machine

Wilson is the latest company to enter into the foray of stringing machines and all indications would lead us to believe that they plan to be around for quite some time. Why? First and foremost, Wilson left no stone unturned in the design and implementation of this machine. It’s well equipped to handle the demands [see more]

New BAIARDO Tool Trays

When Wilson introduced the new BAIARDO stringing machine and many of us got our first look there was no doubt that this machine was special. What’s nice about a company like Wilson is that they don’t rest on their laurels. If there’s room for improvements then you can bet that Wilson is going to figure [see more]

Alpha Phantom Review

This is the best looking Alpha stringing machine I have seen.  It appears to be manufactured by a different firm than previous machines.  I think the changes are quite obvious.                  Alpha Phantom   The all black Phantom looks impressive with the red adjustment knobs adding a positive highlight.   The Phantom has a introduction price [see more]

Alpha Phantom Pre-Review

I just finished setting up a new Alpha Phantom stringing machine, by myself, by the way, which says a lot for this machine!  My first impression is that this is the best looking offering so far from Alpha! The black, electronic machine has a few features that I like and at the proposed price point [see more]

Babolat RDC v FlexFour

These two diagnostic devices represent totally different ways to measure frame “flex”, or “stiffness”.  So, what’s the difference? First, the Babolat RDC is probably the “De facto” diagnostic equipment and is referenced by many racquet manufacturers.  The FlexFour has gone through several iterations involving “pressure” measurement.  So one FlexFour may be different than another.  The [see more]