Dunlop S 3.0 Lite

The new S 3.0 Lite is the last in the S series for the new Dunlop line. As with it’s other two counterparts in the S series, the #.0 Lite also has a 98 square inch head but as the name implies, this one weighs a mere 10.12 ounces strung. The stated unstrung weight for [see more]

Dunlop M 3.0

The 3.0 range in the Dunlop line is designed for players of all swing styles who are looking for greater power and control. Hey, aren’t we all looking for that? Dunlop has fully re-engineered the frame shape of the 3.0 range to a 15% more rounder more elliptical head shape than the previous 300 model [see more]

Dunlop F 3.0 Tour

The new 3.0 series from Dunlop features 3 new frames, the F, the M, and the S models. The F 3.0 is definitely a hitters frame and our feeling is that this one is well suited for the more advanced player at an NTRP rating of 4.5 or higher. Better players will be able to [see more]