Prince EXO3 Tour 100 18 x 20 Review

Everything about this racquet screams “player”!  Weight, string pattern, and recoil weight add up to a 100 square inch brute!  You will see more data later but the low stiffness would typically preclude this from the player category but the dense pattern can compensate and create a good effective stiffness. The thin beam of .792,(20.12mm) is [see more]

Prince EXO3 Rebel Team 98 Review

As we learned with the Warrior series the “Team” member of a group is the lighter weight model and the Rebel series is no different.  The Rebel Team is 20 grams lighter than the standard Rebel.  You will see more data later but in the case of the Rebel series the Team is slightly more flexible [see more]

Prince EXO3 Warrior Team 100 Review

The Warrior Team is the light(er) weight sibling of the very nice Warrior 100.  You will see a lot of data later but essentially the “Team” is 20 grams lighter than the Warrior 100 and has almost 51% (head heavy) of the overall weight toward the head compared to 48.4% for the Warrior 100. I continue [see more]

Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 Review

This is another Rebel racquet that is squarely in the “player” category including a thin beam and 18×20 string pattern! You will see more detail in the data later but not only is the beam thin it is flat and almost straight.  At the tip the beam is .818, (20.78mm) and tapers up to .850,(21.59mm) [see more]

Prince EXO3 Rebel 98 Review

When it comes to “player” category racquets this one will be in the mix! You will see all the specifications later but what is immediately obvious is the “thin” and “straight” beam.  At .850,(21.59mm) from the tip to the grip this racquet is slightly thicker than the Head Prestige and a little thinner than the [see more]

Prince EXO3 Silver 115 Review

The EXO3 Silver 115 is the top racquet in the “Thunder” series and has been a very popular racquet in the Prince offering.  The 115 head size and very open string pattern make this a power oriented racquet with a Power Level of 1500.   The 16 x 19 string pattern takes advantage of the [see more]

Prince EXO3 Blue 110 Review

The EXO3 Blue 110 is the middle racquet in the “Thunder” series and has been one of the most popular racquets in the Prince lineup.  The 110 head size and open string pattern make this a “spin potential” racquet.   Combine this with the Power Level of 1400 and you have a potent weapon. The 16 [see more]

Prince EXO3 Warrior 100 Review

This racquet takes it place in the “player” category by matching weight with stiffness!  And, the de rigueur mat black exterior finish helps!  The essentially white interior balances the look. This racquet uses “O” Ports on all four corners of the head but not as many as in the Tour series.  I would love to [see more]