Weed Open 135 Tour Review

Since I have been evaluating and reviewing the Weed racquets I have begun to see more of them on local courts!  And, after looking at the entire line I can say for good reason! The Open 135 Tour has a massively “open” string pattern with nearly uniform spacing across the entire string bed so it [see more]

Weed X-One 25 Review


Weed EXT 125 Tour Review

This has got to be the “baddest” of the Weed line for sure!  This bad boy is 28.5 long which produces a swing weight of 321!  Add the 18 x 20 string pattern and reasonable stiffness and you have a racquet that can take on any opponent. Stringing this racquet is straight forward and you [see more]

Weed Open 135 Review

If you have been following Weed racquets for any length of time you know they are typically big, light, and long.  Well here is another version that is of course big, and light but not long.  The big head and regular length make for an interesting appearance. The Weed Open 135 has a very obvious [see more]

Weed EXT 135 Tour Live Periphery Review

If you have read the review of the Weed EXT 135 Blue you may expect that the Weed EXT 135 Tour would be a heavier version.  You would be wrong!  There is certainly nothing wrong with that but it has taken me several minutes to be sure the data I include here is for the [see more]

Weed EXT 135 Blue Live Periphery Review

As many of you know Weed racquets have been around since the early 1970’s!  The Weed racquet was, probably, the first real “oversize” racquet but we all know that the recognition goes to the Prince racquet because of commercial exposure. Weed racquets have always been considered “racquets for old people” but that is not necessarily [see more]