Ashaway Introduces Two New 0.66 mm Badminton Strings: ZyMax® Fire and Fire Power

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings offers the best of both worlds with the introduction of two new 22 gauge (0.66 mm) badminton strings. Both ZyMax® 66 Fire and ZyMax 66 Fire Power use Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer fibers, and are constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology. But by varying the polymer [see more]

Ashaway officially announces new IART partnership

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For: ASHAWAY RACKET STRINGS PO Box 549 Ashaway, RI 02804 USA Media Contact: THOMAS RANKIN ASSOCIATES Tom Rankin, APR +1 (401) 884-4090 Ashaway Forms Strategic Partnership with International Alliance of Racquet Technicians — Organizations to cooperate on educational and support programing to enhance member technical knowledge of strings and stringing Ashaway, [see more]

Ashaway Announces new Alliance program

IART is pleased to announce a new relationship with Ashaway Racquet Strings. Steve Crandall, vice president of the company, is our newest addition to the Alliance consultants group and he was also a first time contributor at the 2012 IART symposium. Steve and Ashaway have recently implemented a discount program for U.S. based IART members [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut 16 Update

I just had a look at the racquets I did for a pro client using the MonoGut Red, which will be available later this year according to Ashaway, and they had over six (6) hours on them!  Typically this client is good for a couple of hours. What I saw around the center of the [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut 16 Review

Ashaway makes MonoGut®! Ashaway, as far as I know, is the only US manufacturer of racquet string, and has been closely associated with Zyex® string for several years.  It is no surprise, then,  that Ashaway has introduced a new version of Zyex®, *(PEEK) to compete against the popular “polyester” category.  First, MonoGut does not contain [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut

I have been working with Ashaway MonoGut for several days and will post some interesting information in a few days. I did one racquet for a pro player today so I will have some valid feedback from a player in terms of durability, etc.  As you know IART and I do not publish “reports” based [see more]

New Ashaway™ Dynamite String

Anyone familiar with Ashaway® know they are a US based company and specialize in incorporating Zyex® fibers into their string offerings. These two (2) new strings are Dynamite® 17 Soft and Dynamite® 18 Soft.  As you can probably tell they are 17 and 18 gauge respectively.  The package also includes a brief description…”Ultra Soft Resilience [see more]