PEEK, Polyester and the Dynamics of Spin

PEEK, Polyester and Spin

New Signum Pro String Additions

We have updated over twenty (20) new Signum Pro strings on the String Characteristic page.

Genesis String Updated

New reviews on Genesis strings

Toalson HD Aster Poly 1.25mm

Today we strung a Babolat Pure Strike with Toalson HD Aster Poly 1.25mm and the player requested 56 lbs.

Dahcor Strings Added

Four (4) Dahcor strings have been added to the String Characteristic Data. In case you don’t recognize the Dahcor brand it is a brand that is what I term a “Direct Sales” brand meaning you go to their website to select and order the racquet of your choice, and, it seems to be a pretty [see more]

Toalson T8 a Nice Surprise

I recently strung my new Wilson Clash frame with Toalson T8 (1.30mm) and took it out for a test drive today. I wanted to pair a soft frame with an equally soft string to see what the control would be like. It seems to me that we’ve been long overdue for some new softer frames [see more]

Now You Think of it!

So, it has been a while since you had your racquet strung and you are standing on the court about to receive and you ask yourself; “I wonder when I should get my racquet strung”. Now is probably not the best time to think of it but if you do simply take a look at [see more]

Luxilon Smart 130 Added to String Characteristics Data

There is a lot of buzz around this new string from Luxilon and for good reason, I think. I have added the data I was able to collect but I have no idea at what stage this string is relative to going to market. We have not strung a racquet with this string, yet, but [see more]