Most tennis racquets strung in one hour by a group

During the 10 year run of the IART symposium we offered more than just training in racquet service. After all, you have a large group of racquet techs and if it’s all work and no play then things are  going to get a bit boring. One of the fun activities we had at the 2015 [see more]

9th Annual IART Symposium

The 9th annual IART training symposium will be upon us soon and as I plan for this 4 day extravaganza I see a pattern. Every year new friends are made, old friends are reunited and there are always great memories. Each year is different and 2015 will follow suit by offering a totally revamped schedule [see more]

Registration Now Open for the 2015 IART Symposium

The registration for this year’s IART symposium is now open. The dates are Friday September 18th thru Tuesday September 22nd and the location is Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida. You can register by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of the IART website’s homepage. We’ve really changed things up this year [see more]