Symposium registration deadline near

As I look at the countdown clock on the home page of the IART symposium website I see that there are now just 32 days left until we all meet in Chicago for the 10th anniversary of the event. Without a doubt, our move to Chicago will bring about some significant changes in the event. From [see more]

Sponsor Spotlight – Tennis Machines

IART is proud to announce the newest addition to our sponsor list for the 2016 symposium, Tennis Machines. If you’re not familiar with this company you’ll want to give these guys a serious look. Who are they and what do they do? Tennis Machines has recently evolved into a multi-facitated operation by combining forces with String’N Swing tennis [see more]

10 Reasons to attend the IART symposium

Every year, IART puts on the premier event in the racquet service industry at their annual symposium. No other event brings together racquet technicians and pro shop personnel and manufacturers and industry representatives like the IART symposium. If you still need convincing, here are ten reasons why you should attend the 2016 IART symposium in [see more]

Interesting piece on Robin Soderling

One of our newest sponsors to this year’s IART symposium is RS Tennis, Robin Soderling’s new company. Robin will be joining us to share his story in a round table discussion and also spend some time on court with us on Saturday. To see the latest ATP video on the former world #4 go HERE [see more]

IART Symposium – 10th Anniversary Special Edition

This year IART (formerly GSS) will celebrate the 10th anniversary of it’s annual training symposium in Chicago in 2016. From a modest start in New Braunfels, Texas with 21 attendees, the conference has grown significantly and has morphed into one of the best kept secrets in the racquet sports industry. The event kicks off with [see more]

Symposium 2016; Racquet Customization

Check out the news article HERE for the latest on one of our courses at this year’s symposium and while you’re there, sign up for a free account so you can join the conversation The registration is now open for this year’s symposium. You can find all the details HERE 0

Share a room at the 2016 IART symposium

If you’re planning to attend the IART symposium this year here’s some helpful information. There are many new and different things going on this year and one important change is that we will be holding our seminars in the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. In year’s past we’ve had a host hotel with a room [see more]

Registration now open for 2016 symposium

Hi everyone The registration is now open for this year’s IART symposium in Chicago. You can go to for complete details and when you’re ready to sign up just click on the main registration link at the top of the page. It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary of this event. Check [see more]