Will Poor Stringing Save the Life of Polyester?

OK, here’s the deal.  I have written about this several times and each time I decided that it was a waste of time, so it goes back into a file somewhere! The time is now that we really need to understand more about stringing as a consumer and what we can do as racquet technicians to [see more]

Where to Tie Off

Stringing a tennis racquet using a hybrid format will require four (4) tie offs.  So where are are they going to be? When using a hybrid format, two different strings are involved, and one of those may be natural gut.  We are going to concentrate on trying off when natural gut is used. Simply stated only tie off [see more]

What Does Your String Logo Mean?

Some players like to have a “logo” on their strings while sponsored players must have a “logo” on their strings.  Pro Players typically have the racquet brand, and the string brand (if different than the racquet brand) proudly displayed. But what if you are not getting paid to play with a particular racquet or string brand? [see more]

1st video of 2018

Greetings everyone I’ve just posted the first instructional video of the new year and this one is a tip on how to remove a problem grip. I think at one point or another we’ve all had a racquet come in with an overwrap that should have been replaced months ago but the player just kept [see more]

Time For a Change?

I propose a service charge for “removal of one-year-old overgrips” as a way to convince players these overgrips are intended to be changed, oh, maybe every month or so! Good grief!  These things should be changed before every match at least! Every racquet that leaves our shop has a new overgrip.  You would think this would be [see more]

Let There be Light!

Stringing black string in a racquet with black grommets can sometimes be a little problem, depending on the age of your eyes! My eyes are pretty good but sometimes they need a little help.  So, several months ago I installed these inexpensive battery powered “stick-on” lights on the Baiardo.   In case your lights go [see more]

What Do You Expect?

I see a lot of tennis racquets that come from any number of shops, on-line outlets, home stringers and others, and I need to know what you, the customer, expect from the person you use for stringing and buying your racquets. I see racquets that are not properly, professionally strung, and I wonder “what are [see more]

Grip tape-make it stick

Over the years there have been some pretty unreliable tips on making grip tape stick that were actually more amusing than helpful. Everything from actually stapling the grip tape (yeah that’s right I actually read that in a prominent publication) to using clear nail polish to finish it off. Why does everyone seem to have [see more]