How Much Influence Do You Have?

Steve Crandall of Ashaway Strings recently posted about “Advise and Consent.”  I believe he said we should “advise more and consent less”!  I agree with Steve! Let’s expand the subject a bit and think about the “realities” of racquet work. Racquet Quest, LLC, and I suspect many others, are in a position that allows us to “advise but [see more]

Stringing at the U.S. Open

The following is an article published by Jane McManus, Reporter & Columnist at It chronicles a bit of the life of stringing at the Open. Dustin Tankersley came to the very first IART symposium (then called the GSS symposium) in New Braunfels, Texas with the goal of becoming a tour level stringer. He now works [see more]

Saisai Zheng and the case of the curious Rogers Cup stringing machine

How about some thoughts on this from IART members The Chinese player was the victim of a bad string job Tuesday night for her first-round match against Françoise Abanda of Montreal. (Stephanie Myles/ MONTREAL – For 22-year-old Saisai Zheng of China, Tuesday evening’s marquee match at the Rogers Cup against homegirl Françoise Abanda turned out [see more]

So you want to be a tournament stringer!

Post #2 in series Ron Rocchi, Wilson Team Leader – shares his tips on being a pro tour stringer on the Wilson team. The Wilson stringing team has refined many aspects of tournament stringing, and there are some practices that can be applied to any type of home or retail stringing. Our constant focus while [see more]

How hard can this be?

#1 in series Before I started working with the Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team, it seemed a simple thing: Have some stringers show up at the tournament so they can string racquets for the players. How difficult could it really be? Over the last few years, my perspective has changed greatly. The Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team got its [see more]

Yonex Tournament Stringers

Greetings IART members I have recently updated/changed the tournament stringers directory to include more fields. To bring the list up to date it was necessary for me to delete all members who had previously entered their profiles and those people have been contacted and asked to re-enter their profiles. FYI-this list is promoted to various [see more]

RIO Open 2014

About 3 years ago I was contacted by Ricardo Dipold in Brazil. He was interested in attending the IART symposium and he had a goal of stringing at pro tour events. Andrea Amaral, another Brazilian, had already become a fixture at the IART symposium and she and Ricardo had been communicating about how they would [see more]

Tournament Stringers

In it’s infant stages one of my visions for IART was to promote members who had a desire to do tournament stringing, no matter what level. So, I created the tournament stringers directory. For members who are not familiar with how this works, I’d like to offer a brief explanation. Only members may list their [see more]

Wilson Stringing – Australian Open 2014

When fans come to a tournament to see their favorite players in action, the crowds are usually quite large with long lines for food, bathrooms, and court viewing access. For the stringers at the Australian Open, we have a slightly different experience. Each morning when we enter the tournament grounds, there are only a few [see more]

What makes a stringing team successful?

Anyone who has ever worked at a professional tournament knows the answer to this question. What makes a stringing team successful? Care to take a guess? It’s the admin desk and it’s no secret why. This is where it all starts; where the players are first greeted, racquets are logged in, bagged, and then assigned [see more]