Wimbledon Cancelled

Wimbledon has decided to cancel the 2020 tournament and will announce it this week, a German Tennis Federation official reports.

Wimbledon Recap

Check out this You Tube link for a nice recap video from the 2014 Wimbledon Championships https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtUSDJuONu8&list=TL8U1MWfD6shvuikpEeCX63CNoD-He6a9W     0

Federer Proves He’s Not Done

Unbelievable? Not really. Expected? Maybe not. Hoped for? Of course. Welcomed? You bet. How do you describe someone like Roger Federer? He’s gone without a major title for what now–almost 2 years? Rafa beats him and Novak beats him and he slips in the rankings but he still keeps answering the bell. Still keeps coming [see more]

2012 Men’s Final–Wimbledon

So who’s it going to be? Federer or Murray? England’s own to end one of the longest lapses in tennis history or the Swiss maestro who many say is the greatest of all time? We all have our favorites and admittedly, mine is Federer so I’m going with Roger to win his 7th Wimbledon singles [see more]

11:00 O’Clock Curfew

What is your reaction to the Wimbledon “11:00 o’clock curfew” match between Murray and Baghdatis? The fourth (4th) set lasted only 28 minutes.  I am sure neither player wanted to return to the court on Monday.  How do you think that influenced either players game plan? 0

Diary of a Wimbledon Stringer

  2004-third year in a row to work the Championships………. Every year in June the tennis world has its collective eyes focused on London England. Wimbledon is without a doubt the most coveted prize in professional tennis and for two weeks the world’s best players will grace the lush lawns of the AELTC.  Behind the [see more]

The Wimbledon Stringing Experience

In 2002 I found myself sitting in front of my computer reading an email from a person I had not yet met but one that would have a major impact on my life in just a few short months. The email read, in part “We look forward to you joining the team for the 2002 Championships, [see more]

Wimbledon 2010 Updates

This morning I have spoken with Frances Davies of Bow Brand and have now set up a direct line of communications for news from the Wimbledon stringing cabin. Frances will be back at SW19 on Saturday and has agreed to supply us with some tid bits of information as the tournament progresses. So what’s the [see more]