IART Website Tutorials

This is a series of short screen casts to assist IART members in navigating and taking full advantage of all of the features on the IART website 0

New videos being added

I have finally found some time to post up some new videos. This will be a rather laborious process since I’m researching locations of completed videos (now where did I save those?) as well as producing new ones so just hang in there, I’m working on it. The first two I’ve posted are: In the [see more]

Ashaway Releases Tennis Stringing Tips Video Featuring Master Racquet Technician John Gugel

Offers step-by-step installation procedures for optimizing performance of Ashaway MonoGut® ZX and ZX Pro Tennis Strings Ashaway, RI – A new stringing how-to video featuring Master Racquet Technician John Gugel has been released by Ashaway Racket Strings. The video details step-by-step stringing procedures to get the best performance from Ashaway MonoGut® ZX and MonoGut ZX [see more]

New video on starting clamp added

Hi everyone As you know I’ve been working for the past several months adding as much video as time permits and there are now quite a few videos posted in our “Media” section. While not complete, this at least gives you some good material that should answer some of the questions that many have had [see more]

Stringing problematic racquets

This collection will address how to work with specific issues with some problematic stringing situations. Just a few examples like: (1) why or why not to string a cracked racquet (2) how to weave the last 2-3 cross strings in the throat where common problems exist (3) how to get around blocked holes on super [see more]

Video library update

Recently I posted about the new IART video project and now here’s an update. I mentioned that this was something that I had wanted to include for members for a very long time and since I have a little extra time this year I’m able to delve into this project. Needless to say, our videos [see more]

Stringing Machines & Diagnostics

Videos about stringing machines & diagnostics. 0


Just about racquets… 0