Stringers Directory for Members

The IART stringers directory is a unique “member only” feature that allows our members to make themselves visible for employment. IART often receives calls and emails inquiring whether or not we have technicians available for special events, various tournaments at all levels, or possible availability for tour team membership. This new system will now make it possible for us to promote the professional abilities of our members and allow interested tournament team leaders, tournament directors and special events coordinators access to our list via a pay portal for 30, 60, & 90 day time frames.

How it Works

Step #1

Interested members should go to the “Directories” navigation tab at the top of the page. When you hover your mouse over “Tournament Stringers Directory” you will see the option that says “Join the Tournament Stringers Directory”.

Step #2

Fill out the form and hit the “Submit” icon to submit your profile. Please remember to list all of your tournament experience in the “Previous Tournament Experience” text box. We suggest you list the name of the tournament, year worked, and the team leader & their contact information if you have it. The more information and team leader referrals you can provide, the greater your chances are of being selected when prospective clients view the list.

Step #3

This is where IART steps in. We will do our best to promote our members through social media sites such as FaceBook and Linkedin as well as through the IART web site and other mediums. Our job is to make you as visible as possible and to make it clear that our members are qualified to work on any level needed.


We do not dictate to our members what they should charge for their services. However, we respectfully request that members do not pay an “under the table fee” to tournament directors and special events coordinators who solicit them for work. Being “pinched” for the chance of being awarded the contract for the job is highly unethical and we encourage our members not to participate in this practice. You are a highly trained professional racquet technician and as such, should charge accordingly for your services. We are putting your name forward as a respected IART member who is offering their profile for possible job openings, not as a candidate to “pay for work”. To that end, if an IART member on this list is discovered to have paid an “under the table” fee to secure employment we (IART) reserve the right to remove you from the tournament stringers list.

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Membership is $49 for one year and will renew automatically at the end of your membership term.