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IART has an impressive lineup of seminar leaders and nearly all have participated in every symposium to date. Below is a partial list of the IART Racquet Stringers Symposium seminar leaders who have joined us over the years to share their expertise and knowledge with participants.

John Gugel Paris
John Gugel

JOHN GUGEL is a MRT (Master Racquet Technician) and certification tester with the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA), veteran tour stringer, and is the former owner of e-Tennis in Winter Park Florida. John is the winner of the “Top Design” award from Industrial Design Magazine for innovative racquet design and the winner of the “New Top 100 Products” award from Popular Mechanics Magazine for designing a series of six racquets, one of which was named to the top 100 list. John is highly regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable racquet technicians in the world and has been involved in the IART symposium from the very beginning.


Bob Patterson, MRT is one of the most accomplished and well-respected racquet technicians in the United States. His diverse background within the racquet sports industry qualifies him to address any and every subject in the field.

Bob started as a home based stringer and grew that business into one of the most successful stand-alone tennis specialty stores in the country. In 2004 Player’s Choice Tennis was recognized as the “Retailer of the Year” By Racquet Sports Industry magazine and selected to the “Top Ten” retail specialty stores by the Tennis Industry Association. Bob sold the retail business in 2007 to concentrate on his RacquetMaxx business.  For more than 20 years RacquetMaxx has provided racquet service to many of the top players in the world at professional tournaments around the globe. He also serves as the Special Projects Manager for the United States Racquet Stringers Association where he oversees the testing and evaluation of racquets, strings and stringing machines. He also is a featured writer and Special Projects Manager for Tennis Industry magazine.

Tim Strawn
Tim Strawn

TIM STRAWN is the owner of crazydiamond23.wpengine.com, an interactive web site dedicated to serving the worldwide community of racquet technicians. Tim is the founder of the IART Racquet Stringers Symposium and an original member of the Wilson Tour Services Stringing Team. Tim has serviced racquets for the ATP/WTA tours for many years at such tournaments as Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. He was recognized by RSI Magazine as Stringer of the Year in 2007 and continues his role in developing and training racquet technicians from around the world at the annual IART symposium.

RON ROCCHI is the Senior Designer for Wilson Racquet Sports and has been creating and developing the best selling Wilson racquets for the last 18 years. As Global Tour Manager, he is responsible for servicing all Wilson touring professionals with their racquet customization needs and transitions. Ron also serves as the Director of the Wilson International Stringing Team, which he created, the official stringers of the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and the Sony Ericsson in Miami, Florida as well as other smaller events across the globe. As an inventor of the Wilson BAIARDO stringing machine, he has been a driving force in the stringing community. He was recognized by RSI Magazine as Stringer of the Year in 2009.

Dave Bone
Dave Bone

DAVE BONE, Master Racquet Technician (MRT), is the Executive Director and Owner of the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association). He is a graduate of the Professional Tennis Management (PTM) program at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. He has been a speaker at National Conventions for the USPTA, USPTR, and USTA. David’s mission is to bring the wealth of information the USRSA has to offer to as many tennis industry professionals as possible.

Grant Morgan
Grant Morgan

GRANT MORGAN is a MRT (Master Racquet Technician) with the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) and a veteran tour stringer of 7 years and over 75 tournaments worldwide including all four Grand slams and all Master series tournaments. Grant has served as the official stringer for the U.S. Men’s Davis Cup team, was recognized by RSI Magazine as Stringer of the Year in 2006, and also worked as the personal stringer to Andy Roddick during the 2003- 2004 ATP seasons.

Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez

MARK GONZALEZ of Alpha Racquet Sports is one of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to stringing machines and strings. Mark is a MRT (Master Racquet Technician) and a certification tester with the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA) and has many years of experience in the retail business as well as experience stringing at the pro tour level. Mark is without a doubt the number one reason behind Alpha’s renowned reputation for outstanding customer care and service after the sale.

J.C. Carpentier
J.C. Carpentier

J.C. Carpentier joined the GSS symposium as a seminar leader in 2009 as a co-presenter in the Machine Repair & Maintenance seminar with Mark Gonzalez. J.C. is a partner at Tennis Machines located in Valley Park Missouri. They sell Alpha, Babolat, Ektelon, Gamma, Prince, and Winn stringing machines and they are the official service center for Prince. J.C. is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of stringing machine repair and maintenance and his business, Tennis Machines is known as the very best in the United States when it comes to machine repair of any make or model.

Richard Parnell Wimbledon 2003
Richard Parnell

Richard Parnell is a USRSA MRT (Master Racquet Technician), ERSA Master Pro Tour Stringer (one of a select group of 10 stringers), a certification tester for the ERSA and manager of the ERSA in Spain. Richard is one of the original seminar leaders who attended the inaugural symposium in Texas in 2007, Orlando in 2008 and again in Tampa in 2011. Richard is a professional stringer based in Fuengirola, Spain, where he has his successful tennis boutique which specialises in racquet sports, customisation and stringing. Richard has worked with the major stringing teams (Babolat, Prince/Apollo, Tecnifibre and Wilson) as either team leader or team member for all levels of ATP/WTA events. Richard has worked extensively with various Davis Cup teams, at Roland Garros and has been a member of the Wimbledon stringing team for the last decade. Richard has been stringing for the last 34 years with 20 of those at the highest competition level.

Rich Zarda
Dr Rich Zarda

Dr Richard Zarda is a new addition to the leaders lineup for 2011. Dr. Zarda received his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University in 1974 in the area of bioengineering and biomechanics (he was Columbia’s School of Engineering 1971 class salutatorian). He was an Assistant Professor in Engineering Science at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. from 1974 through 1976. He was a research analyst at the David Taylor Naval Research and Development Center from 1976 through 1978 concentrating in the area of finite element modeling of acoustical fluid/structure interaction problems. He joined Westinghouse in 1978 where was a Senior Engineer in the design and analysis of nuclear steam generators. He is an avid tennis player and his contributions to the 2011 symposium should be most interesting!

Ben Porter
Ben Porter

Ben Porter, currently works for Viking Athletics as the General Manager. Ben previously held the position of Brand Manager for New York and New Jersey for Prince Global Sports. Ben is a graduate of the Professional Tennis Management (PTM) program at Methodist University, and worked for the PTM program from 2008 to 2011 as the Assistant Director. Ben has over 10 years of experience teaching tennis and holds the top level United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) coaching certifications. Ben is also certified with the Professional Platform Tennis Association (PPTA), a Master Trainer for Cardio Tennis, the Vice President of the USPTA Eastern board, a Dartfish Certified Instructor (DCI), a member of the USRSA and a Master Racquet Technician (MRT) with that organization.


Lance Andersen

Lance Andersen Lance Andersen is a PTR National Tester and Clinician 4A, a member of the National Cardio Tennis Speaker Team, USPTA Certified, an Etcheberry ceritified coach, a member of Team Babolat and a member of the USRSA. He is also the chairmen of the PTR technology committee, the PTR Massachusetts state representative, the USPTA New England Lesson For Life Chairperson, a member of the Tennis Industry Association Technology Committee, a USTA New England adult comittee member, and USTA Eastern Mass Association League committe member. Lance is a senior tennis professional at the Longfellow Club in Wayland MA and for the Tennis Academy of Harvard. Lance was the recepient of the 2011 PTR & Tennis Industry Association Commitment to the Indusry Award and was named the 2011 PTR USTA New England PTR Professional of the Year. Previously he was named the 2010 USPTA New England Regional Pro of the year and the 2010 PTR Massachuesetts Member of the Year. Lance has been a speaker at tennis industry events for the PTR, Tennis Industry Association, USTA and USPTA. When not on the court, Lance is a senior software engineer in the Java Engineering group at Oracle Corporation.

Vasiliy Guryanov

Vasiliy Guryanov, USRSA Master Racquet Technician (MRT), currently works at the Midtown Tennis Club in Chicago, Illinois. His responsibilities include being a Junior Competitive coach, Director of the Stringing Department, and an advisor to the Tennis Opportunity Program. Midtown Tennis Club has one of the largest 10U programs in the nation – with 550+ kids currently enrolled. Vasiliy holds Professional PTR certifications in Junior Development, and High Performance programs. Winner of the 2009 IART Speed Stringing contest, Vasiliy has been a part of the Wilson Tour Stringing Team since 2010. Prior to Midtown, Vasiliy has worked at the Chicago Tennis and Golf from 1999-2008, and managed the tennis department for the last 4 years of employment.

image001Lucien Nogues, has been employed at Babolat for 33 years. He currently serves as the manager for the official training department for the company for stringing machines, racquets & strings. He has served for 20 years on the Babolat competition team and is also a member of the R & D department at Babolat. He has been stringing racquets since 1972. Check out this interesting You Tube video of Lucien talking about racquets and string HERE



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