IART Symposium

The IART symposium- a brief history

The IART was created when the original group, GSS (Grand Slam Stringers) was reorganized to encompass an International audience and as a result, was rebranded with the trademark name of  the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians™. Bypassing the workshop format that other organizations were offering, the IART was the first organization to offer the industry a complete and comprehensive training "symposium" for racquet technicians from around the world. The annual IART symposium introduced this format and concept for racquet technicians in April of 2007 in New Braunfels, Texas. The GSS symposium, as it was originally called, combined the elements of educational seminars presented by professional racquet technicians and industry representatives, all under one roof over a period of 5 days. In 2008 a mini trade show was added to the event. IART takes great pride in the fact that they were the first organization to adopt an International moniker while others have only copied this concept by simply adding the word "International" to their existing brands. The IART supports and encourages the interaction of it's members in an effort to further their education and increase their networking abilities through this website as well as the annual IART training symposium. IART; the originator, not the imitator!


News on our symposium plans for 2017 will be forthcoming. It takes nothing short of a monumental effort to provide a professional event like the IART symposium on an annual basis and as soon as our plans are finalized we will let you know.

Tim Strawn
Executive Director, IART