The International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART) is a global organization dedicated specifically to the racquet service side of the tennis industry. Our primary focus is to unite racquet technicians from around the world who have a true passion, love, and dedication for the craft of racquet service.

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  • Online Stringing Courses  Basic Stringing 101 is free to premium members, with Advanced Stringing 201 coming in 2024
  • String Characteristics Data Base
    Our string characteristics database provides you with a quick reference for determining what string to use for your clients. Numeric figures are provided for elongation (higher numbers = softer string) and tensile strength (how durable it is). Easy sort functions allow you to sort 6 different string types: Nylon, Multifilament, Natural gut, Polyester, Kevlar & PEEK. You can also sort specific manufacturer strings (what’s the softest Wilson string we tested), or select “All” to sort the entire list (what’s the softest string we tested among ALL manufacturers).
  • tournamentTournament Stringers Directory
    This directory is one of the most unique member features offered anywhere within the industry. If your interest is tournament stringing or special events, you have the option to submit your profile to be listed in this database. We will then promote this list to tournament directors and special events coordinators.
  • Machine Reviews
    We offer a unique format of stringing machine reviews that provide data to help you make the right choice when buying a stringing machine or diagnostic equipment.
  • businessBusiness Directory
    Think of this as 21st-century yellow pages. List your business profile here, and we’ll make it available to the public via the main navigation link “Tennis Shops in Your Area”. Listing your business profile here will give you International visibility to attract new clients.
  • Racquet Reviews
    Our racquet reviews provide dynamic and static data that is designed to assist the technician when finding a new racquet for their clients. This information can also be used as a quick comparison guide between racquets.
  • bgsetsBumper/Grommet Data Base
    Locating that “hard to find” B/G set can be a real challenge. As an IART member, you can list your available B/G sets here and sell them to the public. Only members can list their B/G sets, but the list is accessible to the public.
  • Professional Consultants
    The Alliance consultants are a diverse group designed to provide professional advice to members in the following areas:

    1. Technical Consultants
    2. Industry consultants
    3. Social Media consultants
    4. Consumer advocate consultants
  • Video Training
    We are constantly adding videos to our library. Videos are available that offer advice to the beginning stringer all the way up to the tour stringer and more! There are currently nearly 100 videos in 13 different categories
  • Interactive Blog
    Premium members can submit their own blog posts to the IART group
  • Resource Links including:
    1. Important industry and manufacturer contacts
    2. Racquet sports definitions
    3. Tennis related links
  • Industry News
    Industry insider news as it happens and when it happens
  • Stringing Instructions
    Provides access to string patterns for popular racquets
  • Translations
    Use our easy translations link to view our website in your native language

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Join our Community of Racquet Technicians Today!

Membership is $49 for one year and will renew automatically at the end of your membership term.