Manufacturer Technologies


AERO MODULAR…Varying profiles at three strategic points: the throat, the shaft and the head of the racquet at incorporated into the Aero Pro models.





AEROBEAM...this technology offers +15% air penetration thanks to the Aero frames.




GRAPHITE TUNGSTEN…is a hybrid material that combines braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments in the entire racquet. The racquet performance is based on the concentration of Tungsten fibers at various strategic parts of the frame.







  • The WOOFER frees up string movement and prevents string lock-up
  • The whole surface area reacts on impact: with the WOOFER allowing more strings to work together. This increases sweetspot size, which in turn, reduces the shock on off center hits.

CORTEX…This is a vibration dampening system designed for comfort. CORTEX is used in the Pure series frames to reduce harmful racquet vibrations without filtering out the feedback required for feel. This is what Babolat says results in a “pure feel” in the frame.


CORTEX ACTIVE…Babolat’s alternative Cortex technology is the Cortex Active which reduces shock and vibration, providing a cleaner feel at impact.

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