One or Two Piece Stringing

The IART position is Two (2) piece stringing is the preferred format for installing string in a tennis racquet.

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  1. Hi guys, I generally do two-piece stringing because it’s just easier to manipulate shorter lengths of string, especially when the string has a lot of coil memory or has a structured surface. This method would then also provide for less abrasion or friction when crosses were being pulled through the mains, which is especially important when working with natural gut. So, I feel all the points that were made for two-piece stringing made a lot of sense. However, I am failing to see how a one-piece string job, if done correctly, would distribute stress across the racquet frame less uniformly than the two-piece job would, especially since you still work the mains from the center out and if one is still able to do the crosses from the head down. Bear in mind, I am not necessarily disagreeing with that statement. I just found that comment intriguing and wondered if anyone could elaborate on that?


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