String Weaver

Not long ago I received the second of two String Weavers from creator Dennis Sandowski. I had taken a look at this little device before but I only had access to one model. However, if you take a look at their website HERE you’ll see that there are actually 4 distinct models available. I think the idea of a device like this is relevant, especially for beginners who are just developing their weaving techniques, for those who just want to make their weaving process easier and last, but not least, for weaving delicate strings like natural gut to reduce friction. It can also be a great tool if you string a lot of dense pattern racquets (18×20 etc) with stiff polyester strings.

Sting weavers have been around for a while but Dennis has taken the idea and brought it into the 21st century by designing and providing different models for different applications. He’s also taken the time to clearly explain how to determine which model to choose on his website HERE

One of the techniques for weaving cross strings that’s been around for a long time is the method of weaving one ahead. This means that before tensioning the cross string you’ve just woven, you weave the next cross string. By doing this, you’ve created a raised path for the second cross string that’s not being tensioned, essentially what the String Weaver does but in my opinion, the String Weaver raises the string a little bit more. For more advanced stringers the String Weaver may not be something that interests you however, there’s a place for this creative device in our industry and if you feel you’d like to give it a try you can contact the company HERE

In addressing the String Weavers value, whether beginner or advanced, here’s a testimony from Myron Weintraub, a stringer with 42 years of experience.

“I have been stringing since 1978 and have been a member of the United States Racquet  Stringing Association since then.  I have been a Master Racquet Technician since that category was begun about 27 years ago.  I have managed several Tennis  Facilities in Rockland County, NY (where I live) and retired 2 seasons ago after managing the Rustic Brook Tennis and Swim Club in Airmont, NY (after close to 30 years of service). The Facility was purchased from the Private Owner by the Town of Ramapo.

The StringWeaver Devices are the best tools (in my opinion) that I have purchased in over 40 years of stringing.  I am a gadget person and look to try any tool/gadget that will improve efficiency and ease in stringing. They make stringing a breeze and I now never have to worry about notching the strings.  I find it reduces the time to string a racquet by several minutes.  Polyesters are now much easier to do (especially the ones with many “sides”).  I string between 300-500 racquets a year and so far, I found there are only 2 in which the product does not fit.  One is the Prince Triple Threat Ring (my customer cannot part with that racquet-she says it is unique).  I forgot the other one since it was close to a year ago.  I even purchased 2 of Dennis’s shorter versions of the StringWeaver.  I sometimes use them near the end of the stringing process when you begin to run out of space. These devices brought back the fun of stringing again and I know this product would be a boon to both beginner and experienced Stringer”.

Myron Weintraub
New City, NY



Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART

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