Wilson Introduces New Trinity Ball

Wilson has launched their new Triniti tennis ball and states that is the first tennis ball “designed with sustainability at its core while maintaining the high-performance levels expected by amateur and professional tennis players.”Using state-of-the-art materials to redesign the ball’s core and felt cover, this substantially increases the lifespan of the ball, while also enhancing its performance and consistency. Triniti’s packaging is made from recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable. We see Triniti as a big win for players, the industry and our environment,says Hans-Martin Reh, Wilson’s general manager of racquet sports. “While the tennis ball has not fundamentally changed over 40 years, it has contributed to landfill issues across the world. We decided to re-engineer the ball to be gentler to our world”.

Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART

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