GSS offers the most extensive training anywhere in the world for the racquet service profession. Our symposium got it’s start in 2006 when IART owner and founder Tim Strawn contacted several professional racquet technicians and industry insiders and proposed a new idea for the industry. He wanted a training symposium specifically targeted towards racquet technicians.

So why a training symposium just for racquet technicians? For Strawn,the question was not why, but why not? Teaching professionals had been hosting annual training symposiums for years through the USPTA & the PTR but what Strawn realized was that no where was anything being offered for those in the racquet service business. “There was a glaring gap in this part of the industry and I was determined to fill it” said Strawn. “We, as racquet service professionals, play a key role within the racquet sports industry. We’re at the front lines with regards to entry level participation all the way up to the top where touring professionals rely heavily upon the professional racquet technicians skills when they take the court in major tournaments.”  

Armed with a specific goal, the annual IART symposium was born in 2006 with the first event being held in New Braunfels, Texas. A modest group of 21 participants showed up to attend the ground breaking event and from there, as they say, the rest is history. The event was moved to Orlando, Florida in 2008 and now has a permanent home at the beautiful Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, Florida.

This new and unique effort has a goal of raising awareness to one of the most important but often overlooked crafts within the racquet sports industry–racquet service. If the awareness is to be heightened those who choose this craft are charged with the responsibility of delivering the highest possible standard of racquet service. With that in mind, the IART symposium forges ahead each year turning everyday racquet stringers into professional racquet technicians. The feedback and response has been overwhelmingly positive each year and from a modest beginning in Texas the symposium has grown to what it is today. With interest growing each year the symposium is expected to be even larger in the years to come. 



GSS is also available to provide mobile training at your facility so if you or your company has an interest in IART training please click on the “Mobile Training” link and fill out the contact form. Someone will contact you to discuss dates, location, and your particular needs.The following is a list of the classes available for mobile training:

  • Basic Stringing
  • Advanced Stringing
  • Tournament Stringing
  • Racquet Customization (A Babolat RDC must be available at your facility if you request this course)
  • Stringing Natural Gut
  • Handle Modification
  • Racquet Patterns
  • Science of Strings
  • Customer Service

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