Wilson Blade 104

The new updated version to the Blade 104 is a perfect combination of control, power and great maneuverability, even with it’s extended length. The layup consists of Wilson’s patented graphite/basalt technology that gives this frame a nice and flexible response and good dwell time to enhance control. The extended length (27.5″) has a relatively low swing weight, ours [see more]

Head Graphene Radical S

Head’s Radical line of racquets has been around for quite some time and their new Radical S model offers a racquet that can bridge the gap for many players. This 102 sq in frame is one that could easily be considered a terrific transition frame for any young junior ready to move up to a [see more]

Wilson Pro Staff RF97

The benchmark for the new Pro Staff’s surely must be the Federer frame. It has the traditional graphite/Kevlar layup, a headlight balance (8.16 pts headlight) and Wilson’s PWS (Perimeter Weighting System) This frame has enough mass to power through the ball at 12.49 oz/354g and with the headlight balance it’s quite maneuverable at the net. [see more]

Wilson Pro Staff 97LS

The Pro Staff 97 comes in 5 models and this is the LS (light spin) version in an 18×16 stringing pattern. It weighs 10.69 oz/303g compared to the standard version at 11.50 oz/326g and the Federer model at 12.49 oz/354g so as you can see, the lighter version is quite different plus, there’s even a [see more]

Wilson Pro Staff 97

This is the lighter version of Roger Federer’s racquet for those who can’t quite handle the weight of the Federer model. It weighs 11.50 oz/326g compared to the Federer model at 12.49 oz/354g and has a head light balance of 5.64. Still, there’s enough weight in this Pro Staff to inflict some real damage from [see more]

Wilson Burn FST 95

This is the last in our series of reviews for the Burn line of Wilson racquets. At just under 12 ounces (ours was 11.96 oz/339g) this model is the heaviest of the Burn family and has a real solid feel with enough mass to generate some serious power. The swingweight is right up there at [see more]

Wilson Burn FST 99

The FST 99 is the perfect racquet for the right driver. In other words, if you’ve got the talent to wield it you can do some pretty serious damage with this racquet. This one comes equipped with some unique and interesting features including Wilson’s FST technology which combines an aerodynamic beam with a very HL [see more]

Wilson Burn 100 LS

Wilson has several different models of the Burn frame and this one, as the name implies, is the Light Spin version, thus the LS designation. If you needed to go lighter you could check out the Burn ULS or Ultra Light Spin which weighs even less than the LS model. The main difference in the [see more]

Wilson Burn 100

This is the weapon of choice for Kei Nishikori and with good reason. The racquet has a very nice mix of power and precision and our model. which came in at 11.15 oz/316g strung with Luxilon 4G 1.25, has the heft to deliver plenty of depth on ground strokes. Our model measured a near even [see more]

Babolat Pure Aero Tour

As any knowledgeable tech might expect, the Pure Aero Tour packs the most punch in the entire line. Our model weighed in at just under 12 ounces at 11.75 oz/333g so what many express as “plow through” is certainly present in this model. It’s head light at 6.58 so maneuverability is not lost on volleys [see more]