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The Cost of Stringing in Perspective

Almost a year ago I posted an article on my web site about the cost of stringing and how it compares to some other things one might consider spending money on. I want to spread the word that a freshly strung racquet is well worth the cost and many players should be stringing more frequently [see more]

Prince EXO3 Red 105 Review

In the retail tennis business the Prince Red 105, a member of the “Thunder Series” was a very popular racquet with a very large following plus an aggravating issue when strung with natural gut!  I am looking at the new version and can’t see a single reason this racquet should create issues with natural gut.  [see more]

Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16 x 18 Review

Prince is planning a return to a significant position in the racquet world after a rather tough few years.  Some people blamed this on the “O” Port Technology others on the sales staff.  But, whatever the reason you may have had to dismiss Prince may be gone! As you know Prince has new owner/management in [see more]

Wilson Juice 100L Review

The new Juice 100L takes the Juice 100 BLX of last year and flips the table in a couple of ways. First of all, it’s nearly 1 ounce lighter at 10.4 oz/295 grams as compared to last year’s 11.3 oz/320 grams. That lighter weight has been offset by making the 100L 4 points HH as [see more]