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Interesting article here and I would love to see IART members weigh in on this. Please leave your comments for discussion and let’s see what the membership has to say May 26, 2015 Ryan M. Rodenberg May 26, 2015 Ryan M. Rodenberg CONSPIRACY STRING THEORY: HOW NEW TECHNOLOGY KILLED AMERICAN MEN’S TENNIS A dearth of contenders near [see more]

In Memoriam – Cecil R. Bach

It is was a heavy and sad heart that I report that I have received word today that we have lost a dear friend and member of the IART, Cecil Bach who passed away on December 30th, 2015. Cecil was an avid stringer and a long-time  supporter of the IART and had attended many symposiums. [see more]

Match fixing takes the spotlight

A BuzzFeed-BBC report released on the eve of the 2016 Australian Open alleges that tennis authorities are ignoring evidence of top-ranked players’ involvement in match-fixing at major tournaments. Building off an initial claim from 2008, the report sent shock waves throughout the sport. Below are news stories, analysis and reaction on the report, including the [see more]

Rubber grips for racquetball

Any glue that’s better than the rest for rubber grip applications on racquetball racquets? Or suggestions on how to keep them from slipping down the handle? I’ve got one customer who’s notorious for having his grips slide down almost half way off the handle. Anyone hear of using gorilla glue? 0

IART Resources

I want to compliment IART on being a wonderful resource of knowledge. I recently had a question regarding one of the training seminars I attended at the 2015 Symposium. Thanks to Tim helping me contact the seminar leader directly, my question was answered immediately. Plus I had a most enjoyable conversation about racquet customization beyond [see more]

Home made reel rack

I like to keep things pretty simple in my shop and I’ve devised a very basic reel rack that anyone can make. All materials can be purchased at a local home improvement store and I think I got mine at Lowes. It’s nothing more than an aluminum rod (take a reel to the store so [see more]

New Babolat Pure Aero reviews coming soon

I’ve just received all 5 of the Babolat Pure Aero frames for review and wanted to offer some preliminary information. There has been some talk (controversy?) about the stringing of these racquets so let me start off by clearing that up. There is nothing I have seen yet that would lead me to believe there [see more]

Looking for info on Xtreme Sports Machines

We’re looking for any information on the Australian company Xtreme Sports Machines. Anyone that can offer some updated information please reply to this post or message me directly through the website. Thanks 0