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Looking for B/G set

Does anyone have a B/G set for the original Prince Graphite 90 frame? If so please PM me. 0

Statistics from the Roland Garros Stringing Service

Have you ever wondered how many racquets are strung at the French Open? How many miles of string is used? Follow this link HERE for some fun facts from Paris 0

Wilson adds new options for the Clash racquet

When the Clash frame came out there was quite a bit of buzz about it. The most noticeable difference I saw was in the stiffness of the frame, or in this case, the lack thereof. John reviewed the Clash 100 HERE and his tests showed the flex on the frame to be quite low on the [see more]

Restringing just cross strings

So, I have tennis players every now and then ask me if I can replace just the cross strings since the mains aren’t broken. I always tell them that it would put too much strain on the frame. But if you’d set up the frame like normal, and then cut out the crosses after that, [see more]

Nadal wins 12th French Open title

With the trophy on the line and all to play for, Rafael Nadal produced a masterful display to reign at Roland Garros for the 12th time. The Spaniard overcame a determined effort from Dominic Thiem to prevail 6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1 on Sunday afternoon in Paris. The years may change, but Nadal’s stranglehold on the [see more]

Meet Ivor Savage-Owner & CEO of YTEX Strings

This is Ivor Savage, owner and CEO of YTEX Strings with a special message for you. As you may know, YTEX is growing rapidly every day and I want to make sure you know who is behind the products that will help you get to the next level! On this series of emails, my aim is to share [see more]

Catch Up-French Open draws and results


Catch Up-French Open draws and results