Ashaway Adds Four Professional Racquetball Players To Its 2017 Sponsorship Team

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway has added four new players to its 2017 Professional Sponsorship Team for racquetball. They include Felipe Camacho, Alejandro Herrera, Daniel Rojas, and Gabriela Martinez. The Ashaway Sponsorship Team is designed to support rising professional players in the sport of racquetball. The member package includes the player’s choice of Ashaway Racquetball String, as [see more]

Zero Poly™ Tennis Strings from Ashaway

Ashaway, RI — Disenchanted with the arm numbing impact and dull performance of so-called high tech polyester monofilament strings, more and more tennis players are finding that newer “Zero Poly” alternatives like Ashaway’s MZX strings (MonoGut® ZX and MZX Pro) are able to generate as much spin as the polyester monofilaments, but with much less [see more]

Ashaway SuperNick® ZX Micro Squash String Provides Precise Touch, Maintains Tension, and Maximizes Power

— New 18 Gauge String incorporates a nylon multifilament core in special ZX wear layer of Zyex® filaments   Ashaway, RI – Ashaway has introduced SuperNick® ZX Micro, a new 18-gauge (1.15 mm) squash string with a multifilament nylon core wrapped in a special wear layer of Zyex® filaments. Designed to provide precise touch while [see more]

Ashaway Introduces Rally® 21 Fire Badminton String With Beta Polymer Technology

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has retired two of its very popular nylon badminton strings — Rally® 21 and Rally 21 Micro — and introduced a new alternative, Beta Polymer-based Rally 21 Fire. Constructed using Ashaway’s proprietary Beta Polymer, the new 0.70 mm Rally 21 Fire string provides a 25% improvement in dynamic stiffness [see more]

Ashaway Extends Power Filament Technology to Micro-Gauge Squash String

New SuperNick® ZX Micro incorporates a nylon multifilament core in special ZX wear layer of Zyex® filaments — Designed to provide precise touch, maintain tension, and maximize spin   Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings has refined its Power Filament Technology (PFT™) to develop a new micro-gauge squash string. New SuperNick® ZX Micro is an [see more]

Ashaway Racket Strings To Continue As USA Racquetball Official String

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings announced today that it has once again been named the Official String of USA Racquetball (USAR). While terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Ashaway indicated its plans to continue its multifaceted programs to support and promote the sport of racquetball. Ashaway has been the USA Racquetball Official String [see more]

Ashaway Renews Sponsorship Agreement with Cliff Swain

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has renewed its sponsorship agreement with racquetball great, leading coach, and racquet manufacturer Cliff Swain, according to Ashaway Vice President Steve Crandall. The Hall of Famer, who currently coaches Maria Jose Vargas, Jose Rojas, and Coby Iwaasa among others, strings his increasingly popular Cliff Swain brand racquets with Ashaway [see more]

Ashaway Renews Sponsorship Deal with Racquetball Hall of Famer Jacqueline Paraiso

Ashaway Racket Strings recently announced it has renewed its long-standing sponsorship agreement with racquetball great and Hall of Fame player Jacqueline Paraiso.   “Jacqueline is not only a great player and a great ambassador for Ashaway strings, but she is a terrific coach and mentor to younger players, working with junior players as young as [see more]

“Zero Poly” Monofilament Alternatives to Polyester Tennis Strings Gaining Momentum

Ashaway, RI – “While it is certainly premature to proclaim the demise of polyester and co-polyester monofilament strings,” said Ashaway Vice President Steve Crandall in a newly published column, “I think it is certainly fair to say that the tide is against them, and that a counter trend towards “Zero Poly” monofilament strings is gaining momentum [see more]

Ashaway ZyMax® Fire Family of Badminton Strings Sparks Global Appeal

Ashaway, RI – Since its introduction just over a year ago, Ashaway’s ZyMax® Fire family of badminton strings has been racking up impressive sales figures and sparking global appeal, according to the manufacturer. Constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology, the ZyMax Fire line includes four strings, each designed to optimize the various characteristics of [see more]