SBS…What is it, and, how it Relates to “Reference Tension”

SBS is “String Bed Stiffness” and is the stiffness of the entire strung area of a tennis racquet.  SBS is not the same as “tension” and this is important to understand.  Why? When you talk to your racquet technician about “tension” it is, normally, about what number to set on the stringing machine.  This number [see more]

ERECA Balance System

I have had a look at the new ERECA Balance System!  The new device has been made more accurate (!) and more fun to use! The new system retains the robust construction that makes it possible to take the  ERECA Balance System wherever you go and the system has increased the stability of racquet location [see more]

Data is Data is Data is Data…

Data is our friend. The more data points we have the better we understand things! Great, of course, but what if the data is a product of various data “collectors”? As racquet technicians we have several different pieces of equipment to collect data and we rely on these for our business. However, it is not [see more]

What Difference does it Make?

I am often asked “how much does tension setting affect string bed stiffness?”  It is pretty obvious that higher tension settings will, normally, return a stiffer string bed.  But how much and is there a point of diminishing returns (control v power)? To establish a basis for discussion I strung seven (7) racquets at different [see more]

Alpha Accuswing2

I have been using the Alpha Accuswing2 every day for well over a year so it is about time to evaluate the performance of this device. The Alpha Accuswing2 does one thing and does it well.  The Accuswing2 does “swing weight” period!  That is a good thing since it can be sold for a reasonable [see more]

Tension-Analyzer… a Review

  Recently I received a new tension analysis device from France!  Yes, France includes John Elliot and Eric Ferrazzi, the people behind this new device. The unit I received is the latest production model that incorporates the new alignment feature.  The device was nicely packaged for the trip from France and includes a plastic “sleeve” [see more]

Ultra Sport V2-50 Calibrator

I have used this calibrator for 6 weeks plus and am very pleased with how easy it is to use and how accurate it is. One of my clients works for Toledo scale and I asked him to check the accuracy of this instrument. He went from 40 lbs. to 75 lbs in 5 pound increments; [see more]

Swing Weight Device Comparison Data

A few weeks ago I received an Alpha AccuSwing II. Shortly after I received the unit I did a brief article. This article will be a little more detailed and include swing weight data from the four (4) different devices I use. The Alpha AccuSwing II is a single function device meaning it does swing [see more]

Beers ERT 300

The ERT 300 is getting more and more attention these days so I wanted to get some feedback from members who are using this device. Personally, I’ve not had a lot of success with mine and I’ll tell you why. Even with new batteries the device is not consistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it [see more]

Wise 2086 Tension Head

The Wise folks have been making technical electronic devices for many years including the Wise 2086 Tension Head.  As you would expect, things change over a few years and the Wise 2086, Series 11, is no exception. The Wise 2086 is a tension head that will convert your crank activated lockout machine to a hi-tech [see more]