Beers ERT 300

The ERT 300 is getting more and more attention these days so I wanted to get some feedback from members who are using this device. Personally, I’ve not had a lot of success with mine and I’ll tell you why. Even with new batteries the device is not consistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it [see more]

Wise 2086 Tension Head

The Wise folks have been making technical electronic devices for many years including the Wise 2086 Tension Head.  As you would expect, things change over a few years and the Wise 2086, Series 11, is no exception. The Wise 2086 is a tension head that will convert your crank activated lockout machine to a hi-tech [see more]

Babolat RDC v FlexFour

These two diagnostic devices represent totally different ways to measure frame “flex”, or “stiffness”.  So, what’s the difference? First, the Babolat RDC is probably the “De facto” diagnostic equipment and is referenced by many racquet manufacturers.  The FlexFour has gone through several iterations involving “pressure” measurement.  So one FlexFour may be different than another.  The [see more]