Prince P7000 Stringing Machine Review

Prince P7000 – Back to the Future? The Prince P7000 stringing machine represents the collection of current electronic capabilities and the “old time”, and very good, Prince Two Point Mounting System, which is actually Four (4) points. There will be more detail on the mounting system later but for several years the “normal” mounting system [see more]

Lockout vs Constant Pull

For much of my career in this business it’s been said that there is a 10% difference in the final measured tension between a lockout and a constant pull stringing machine. So I thought I would put this to the test to see what the actual results were. I strung a Babolat Pure Drive with [see more]

Prince Stringing Machine Program

As racquet technicians we’re always looking for the latest information on what to buy, various buy-in programs, and good deals on stringing machines. Here’s the latest information that was recently sent to IART from Prince on their stringing machine program. 0